Common Market connects wholesale customers to farmers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware by marketing and distributing good food to schools, hospitals, grocers and workplaces. We aggregate food in our warehouse from about 75 regional producers and deliver 6 days a week to almost 150 public and private schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, workplaces, grocery stores, nonprofits and faith institutions throughout the Delaware Valley.

Customers order case-load quantities of food from our consolidated availability list, representing the full bounty of seasonal food produced in our region by Common Market’s network of sustainable farmers. Common Market staff works year-round with farmers and artisanal producers to develop a dependable supply of the freshest foods grown sustainably in our region.

Our role is to take care of getting good food from the farm gate to the wholesale customer as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible: one order, one delivery, and one bill.

Common Market is the Delaware Valley’s most trusted wholesale distributor of local farm food.  As a mission-driven enterprise, we seek to provide nutritious, affordable, locally grown food to all, including our most vulnerable communities.

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